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Why should I service my seat?

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OHS Compliance

MMT works hard to ensure that our seats comply will all industry regulations. Operating within the Mining and Construction industries demands high standard of any business and MMT has worked closely with some of the major mining companies in Western Australia such as WesTrac, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, to ensure that our seat is of the very highest standard.

Efficiency and Comfort

Regular servicing of your ISRI seat will ensure you maintain the performance and comfort characteristics of the seat for the life of the product. Based on the highly successful NTS plat-form, ISRI construction seats raise the industry standard . Within this platform are vehicle air, compressor air and mechanical suspension seats, as well as static non-suspension seats and breathable, wear resistant textile covers.

Extend Life of Seat

Regular maintenance of your ISRI seat will allow you to not only extend the life of your seat, but to maximise levels of operator comfort throughout the duration of the seats commissioning. This translates to greater operator performance.

Why should I use MMT?

Industry Experience

MMT has vast industry experience, we understand your business. Our staff operate within the Mining and Construction industries on a daily basis which means we not only understand seats repairs, we understand the procedures that need to be adhered to in getting the job done.

Quality of Repair

MMT are committed to carrying out repairs to the highest standards in the shortest possible time. We only use quality parts and we stand behind every repair that comes through our work-shop. Don’t risk the safety of your people by gambling on anyone else.


Being an award winner at the Worksafe Awards WA, MMT is committed to achieving the highest possible standards from a safety standpoint and achieving best practice. This means you can rely on this same attention to detail when it comes to seat safety and OHS compliance.

What our customers say...
- “Received the seat and it looks fantastic! Thanks for that.” Martyn, Central Systems - 16 August 2013
What our customers say...
- “I needed a seat repaired urgently for a customer ,I called MMT to collect this seat and do the necessary repairs as soon as possible ,the fast response and turnaround time on this seat was excellent . It took them only around 3 hours and the seat was returned back to my workshop. This also reflects all the other work they have done for me during the last 3 years.
Keep up with the great work MMT ...”
Bennie, Westrac - 24 October 2013