Dura Crib

We are pleased to announce our re:engineered plastic lumber and cribbing.

For years, fire departments, industrial plants, mining, and construction workers have used wood to crib, block, or stabilize equipment, products and vehicles. 99% of cribbing being used today is wood. Wood is relatively inexpensive but comes with knots, is absorbent, cracks, splits and splinters.

The only guarantee with wood is that you will eventually need to replace it.

Plastic cribbing has no knots and does not split, crack, or splinter. It does not absorb blood, oil, or most chemicals and is slip-resistant. Turtle Plastics' guarantee is for 50 years. This saves you time and money in the long run.

Benefits include:

  • 100% recycled plastic construction for added durability*
  • Unmatched strength - stronger than oak
  • Resistant to gas, oil, chemicals, even blood!!
  • 50 year warranty against splitting, rotting, absorption, termites and mold
  • Lightweight and splinter free
  • Available in black and HI-VIS yellow
  • Repeatability

* Against splitting, rot, fluid absorption, termites or mould

For full details and pricing give us a call.

This product is just one of the many custom solutions we provide.

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