Our diagnostic & service expertise

PC300 fitted with mmt ram covers

Properly maintained seats are crucial to uphold the very highest levels of comfort and safety. When you work with the team at MMT, you are partnered with industry professionals who are committed to providing state of the art products and first-class customer service.

If your seat is broken, worn out or you would just like it to be customised, we are the people to see.

We take great pride in helping you solve any in-cab problem you might have, no matter what industry you work in.

Zoom us your problem

Diagnosis by Video

Given some of the social distancing protocols that we are all experiencing, we have recently been carrying out some initial “diagnostic” work using videoconferencing systems. This has allowed us to figure out what our customer's problem is, and then get the ball rolling to providing a final solution.

This got us thinking, why can’t we keep doing this.

If you need help with anything for your truck, car, boat or need any other in-cab solution, we can have a look at your problem through any of the popular video communication methods - Facetime, Zoom, Google Duo, Google Meet or whatever system you prefer.

So if you’re out there driving a truck and need some help or advice, why don't we get the ball rolling with a quick video call so we can understand what your problem looks like, and where we may be able to help.