ISRI® 1000/515 Truck

Experience the safety and comfort of the ISRI 1000/515. This seat is designed to be used in environments where a suspension seat is not required. Features include backrest adjustment, vertical adjustment and anatomically shaped cushion and backrest foams. ISRI seats supporting drivers for more than fifty years. ISRI 1000/515 supporting you in safety and comfort.

  • Two Seat Belt Fixing Points.
  • 180mm Fore and Aft Slide Adjustment. Not available for all applications
  • Backrest Adjustment in fine increments. Not available for all applications.
  • Trimmed in Breathable Black Cloth and Vinyl.
  • Head Restraint.
  • Mounting boxes.
  • Lap seat belt for selected vehicles.
  • Tether straps.
  • Armrests.
  • Hardware.


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