Asset Tracking

The MMT Seat Asset Tracking System allows you to easily track the exact location of your Seat Asset across the various sites that you operate.

A beacon is attached to the seat either pre or post seat install. This beacon is scanned somewhat surreptitiously through a mobile phone app or through a gateway positioned at an approprite location on your site.

MMT Tracking your assets

“This systems really helps us save time in managing our seats!”


Once the scan has taken place, your seat is LIVE on the MMT system. At this point, you can see where the seat is on site, you can even identify which seat has which serial number seat simply by opening the App and standing next to the seat.

We'll provide you with easy to follow instructions and a user friendly mobile App for quick access anywhere, anytime.

We can even load seat setup and training tips into the APP to increase operator safety and comfort.

Get in touch with me when you are ready to find out more. We may be able to setup a trial on one of your sites so that you can see the benefits in real time.

Tracking is easily accessible with the convenient user friendly mobile app.

This product is just one of the many custom solutions we provide.

For full details and availability get in touch with us.

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